Commit e17c6d42 authored by Dominique Feyer's avatar Dominique Feyer
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BUGFIX: Wrong detection of content node for the teaser feature

parent a7a02814
......@@ -51,7 +51,6 @@
type: string
defaultValue: 'Enter a teaser here'
label: 'Teaser text'
inlineEditable: true
prototype(Ttree.News:AbstractNews) < prototype(Neos.Neos:Content) {
firstContentNode = ${q(node).children('main').find('[instanceof Neos.Neos.NodeTypes:Text]').get(0)}
firstContentNode = ${q(node).children('main').find('[instanceof Neos.NodeTypes:Text]').get(0)}
@context.firstContentNode = ${this.firstContentNode}
firstContentNodeText = ${q(this.firstContentNode).property('text')}
@context.firstContentNodeText = ${this.firstContentNodeText}
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