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# Sitemap Package for big website based on Neos CMS
This package provide the infrastrucutre to build sitemap.xml for big website based on [Neos CMS](
This package use job queue to generate a static sitemap.xml when a node path change. You can configure how the sitemap
build should work by different presets.
**Package under development, API can change at any time**
How to use ?
Edit your distribution [Settings.yaml](Configuration/Settings.yaml) for configuration:
'TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page': TRUE
'TYPO3.Neos:Shortcut': TRUE
type: 'single'
Basically you can configure the NodeType who need to be in the sitemap, and an optional list of NodeType that need to
be skipped.
Currently to Job Queue is not supported but you can use the CLI command::
FLOW_REWRITEURLS=1 ./flow sitemap:generate --site-node-name architectesch --base-url --preset default
__Warning__: The environnement variable ```FLOW_REWRITEURLS``` is required in CLI to have proper URI building
What's next ?
- Implement type: "multiple", to generate multiple sitemap with one index
- Implement asynchronous sitemap generation based on Job Queue
- Integrate with Neos.SEO package for advanced configuration per document
Development sponsored by [ttree ltd - neos solution provider](
We try our best to craft this package with a lots of love, we are open to
sponsoring, support request, ... just contact us.
Licensed under MIT, see [LICENSE](LICENSE)
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