Commit 7969ab48 authored by Dominique Feyer's avatar Dominique Feyer

TASK: Add an input of type file for testing

parent 977e3a60
......@@ -219,6 +219,10 @@
<neos-form-input label="Title" value="My good blog post">
<neos-badge slot="metadata">required</neos-badge>
<neos-form-input label="Signed contract" type="file" accept="pdf">
<neos-badge slot="metadata">required</neos-badge>
<neos-badge slot="metadata">pdf</neos-badge>
<neos-form-input label="URI Path Segement" disabled value="my-good-blog-post">
<neos-badge slot="metadata">readonly</neos-badge>
<neos-badge slot="metadata">computed</neos-badge>
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